Patient Testimonials for Dr. Darrell Moulton

I arrived in ER around midnight with compound fractures of the ulna and radius of the right arm. I was extremely fortunate that Dr. Moulton was the orthopedic surgeon on call. Being a NASA engineer I was delighted that Dr. Moulton displayed an engineering mindset. He studied the X-rays carefully and interviewed me before crafting his solution to reconstruct my arm. He explained the hardware trades he made in the selection of rods, plates, and fasteners. He exuded confidence, competence, and skill. During post-op visits I realized how caring and compassionate he is. If you are looking for the best orthopedic surgeon in the Gulf Coast, hands down Dr. Moulton is your choice.


Dr. Moulton,

Thank you so much for your wonderful care and patience with me. I’m sure my complaining about using the crutches got on your nerves. I am back at everything I was doing before the accident. I am attaching a video of my first, post surgery, kiteboarding session. Feel free to share it with any patients who are worried about having a full recovery.

Gopro 10 18 13 with Music